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Constitutional law defines the relationship between the different entities within a government – in the U.S. this is the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.

Supplement your law school studies and programs like Kaplan which costs thousands of dollars with flash cards to better learn and apply Constitutional Law concepts.

93% of teachers say flash cards help students learn more efficiently and that they are well suited for any learning style

Benefits include:

* Flash cards and outlines take hours to write by hand – instead spend that time studying.

* Used to supplement your existing resources forces you to remember concepts, not just remember the order of questions which improves your active recall

* Learn concepts faster by getting asked question over random time intervals

* Works on iPads, iPhones, and iPods (Touch) as old as version 4.3, so you can study wherever you are with whatever device you have.

* Having the answers hidden on a different side improves our memorization of topics.

* Skip questions you don’t know so they show up again

* No Internet, No problem – works offline!

* Focusing on one question at a time increases our long term recall of that topic

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